How to Play Foreign Language Films with Subtitles on iPad?

Due to the film format, many movies and can not be played directly on the iPad. Fortunately, through the application of soft solutions, the application has two players fully compatible with iPad: ECplayer and Avplayer. They can play all video format on iPad.

But there are still some shortcomings. One of them is compatibility and subtitles. If users want to see foreign language film, there may has no subtitles, which substantially reduce the user experience very uncomfortable. Therefore, today let me simply explain to users how to play foreign language film with subtitles on iPad.

Q: If I drag the film on my ipad from a friend or colleague, ipad does not support playing, how can I do?

A: If the film has independent subtitles and is the SMI, SRT, TXT, ASS format, you can use AVplayer play, because this player software supports these formats of subtitles. If there is no subtitle file, you can download the appropriate subtitle from the Internet. .

Q: If the film comes with subtitles, but ipad does not support the video file format.

A: Use ECplayer can solve your problem, because this player does not support subtitles, but the soft solution after all the smoothness of the video format is better than AVplayer. So if your movie has been built subtitles, then use ECplayer is the best choice.

Q: If there is no jailbreaking but also want to see the film with subtitles

A: This situation is more straightforward, the recommended approach is to directly download the MOV or MP4 format video files with subtitles. This allows the original machine comes directly ipad player watch.

Q: No jailbreaking, no subtitles, I want to understand the film.

A: This is a common problem, because there are users not accustomed to using the jailbreak application. So, this problem will need to use conversion tool to achieve.

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